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[sticky post] Hello

Hello, I just joined this site, I don't think I'll be very active though, since I'll spend most of my time writing, gaming, and dealing with real life.If you wish to reach me, you can PM me on Fanfiction.net. I also have a DeviantART, add me to your watch list, I make awesome stuff.

I'm also a part of a literary/film/TV show/pretty much any other medium you can think of criticism group on DA, which you can find here. Join us, we tear apart bad fanfiction, movies, TV shows, books and more. Our Tumblr page is here.

I don't have that much to say at the moment, so I guess I'll end it here. Oh, and here's a picture of Lyra and Bon Bon for you to enjoy.
Enter the hilarity that is DreamWidth.

By now, you know that das_sporking's moved from this site to DreamWidth, 'cause their servers have been moved from Commiefornia to Russia, which doesn't please the mods that much. I'm gonna refrain from making jokes about people (or rather cucks) being triggered by "muh Russians," 'cause I don't wanna piss them off too much--I want to make a new start at the new Das Sporking comm on DreamWidth after all; y'know...turn over a new leaf

But DreamWidth's laughable diversity statement has nothing to do with the comm, and I can certainly take the piss out of that.

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This will be my last post. I only made an account here for Das Sporking, now they've moved to Dreamwidth, and the rest of Livrjournal's users moved on to Tumblr a long time a ago (I don't think LJ recovered after Strikethrough 07), there's really no point in staying here, I'll be importing my LJ to Dreamwidth, but I won't be deleting anything here; it'll just be abandoned. 

Wow Just Wow

Jagex Has Fallen

...To the SJW cancer.

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Old Fanart (from late 2014)

For azralibrarian

Jaina/Azzanadra 4 Lyfe <3


How to Deal With SJWs

Vox Day's strategy, which I completely agree with. Interestingly enough, I was already doing this before I saw this on my Facebook feed.


She's finally done it!

Ariane's all aboard the Trump Train! (<---no brakes, next stop's the White House).
Originally posted on August 25 2015.

WARNING: The following rant is for my own personal use only. It contains political incorrectness (as a Take That to the SJWs) and edgy and mature humour and other controversial content that would make an anrgy SJW foam at the mouth. It was written when I was feeling rather angry and when I'm angry I'm not the polite, friendly guy I normally am. Once I cool off, I'll go back to my normal self.

If you're an SJW who stumbled upon this by mistake, you've seen the trigger warnings, you know what you're in for. If you don't like what I'm saying, the back button is right there, and the close this window button is just across from it.

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By the way, read before you comment. Understand what I'm talking about. It's pandering I'm against. And if any SJWs come here and cry oppreshun 'cause the're butthhurt that I haven't drank the Tumblr kool-aid and thus don't buy their bullshit, I will whip out the ban-hammer faster than they can say 'check your privilege.'


Meme: Turn ons vs. Turn offs.

Saw this meme on Deviantart. Feel free to use it.

A list of my turn ons/offs.Collapse )

And that's my list of turn ons and turn offs.

Did I trigger you for daring to have preferances? If I did, too fucking bad. I don't apologise when I've done nothing wrong. I think my list was pretty damn reasonable, everyone has things that turn them on/off, SJWs who think that a guy having preferences or a type is a form of "muh soggy knee" or some sort of "oppreshun" but a girl can have them can go fuck themselves.