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Originally posted on August 25 2015.

WARNING: The following rant is for my own personal use only. It contains political incorrectness (as a Take That to the SJWs) and edgy and mature humour and other controversial content that would make an anrgy SJW foam at the mouth. It was written when I was feeling rather angry and when I'm angry I'm not the polite, friendly guy I normally am. Once I cool off, I'll go back to my normal self.

If you're an SJW who stumbled upon this by mistake, you've seen the trigger warnings, you know what you're in for. If you don't like what I'm saying, the back button is right there, and the close this window button is just across from it.

I'll admit this right now. Even though I care about Runescape lore, I still tend to skim through quest dialogue. I make an effort to read everything, but I don't take the time to process everything before moving to the next step. The reason for that is because even if I do read dialogue every carefully, I can't remember it all if I just read it once, no matter how carefully, so I just say "fuck it," and skim through it all while making sure I understand the basics. Later on, I'd read through the full quest transcript on the Runescape wiki.

But it takes a while for the full transcript to be availible, and this was only the third day after the release of the new quest The Light Within, I finished it the day it was released, and I wanted the dialogue transcript as soon as possible (I was thinking maybe I'd do a fanfic about Bryce, my character's reaction to the quest, especially that part where Zaros got mad at him for putting Seren in danger in Freneskae), so I thought maybe I should go to the Recent Updates section of the official Runescape forums, hoping to find a thread discussing something I may have missed.

Sure enough, I found a thread discussing the details of Angof (an elf NPC in Tarddiad, the home world of the elves)'s diary, and I found out...wait for it, wait for it..."she" was born male, but with the power of the Tarddiad crystals that contained Seren's presence and gave the remaining Tarddiad elves the ability to shapeshift, "she" turned "herself" female. In other words, she was a tranny elf.

Normally I wouldn't give two shits (I've seen so many SJWs rant about divershitty, and "representation" in movies and TV shows they'd never watch and games they'd never play, they just won't shut up and it's gotten to the point where I no longer care about the issue), but a tranny elf appearing in-game just reminded me of something I saw on Reddit's r/KotakuInAction a while back.

Behold ladies and gentlemen, proof that the wrong side won World War II.
Naturally, a Jagex mod had the good sense to reject such a shitty suggestion, but that didn't stop them. The SJW then took to Tumblr to rant about this sort of..."oppreshun."

I shit you not, the drama's all archived here on Reddit's r/Runescape.

Fast forward to now, and Angof our tranny elf just reeks of Fagex pandering to the SJW vocal minority (and I mean vocal minority, SJWs don't play Runescape, one Tumblrina on RuneLabs doesn't count as anything, not in the face of tens or even hundreds of thousands of other players, and I know that for a fact, if SJWs played Runescape I'd be seeing more shit directed at Jagex on Reddit's r/Tumblrinaction). Come on Jagex, I thought you were better than that.

I really don't like pandering. Especially when it's SJWs being pandered to. Why? Because SJWs are the worst group of people on the planet; they're 666 times worse than Justin Bieber fans, overzealous bronies, nostalgiafags who won't shut up about the 90s, Taylor Swift fans, Buzzfeed readers, wolfaboos, koreaboos, otherkin, white knights, moral guardians, Grey's Anatomy fans, rabid shippers, those stupid talking Twinkies...you know what? Let's move on, I think I'd be here all night if I listed every annoying group that are still better than SJWs.

Point is, SJWs are allergic to all forums of logic or reason. They are the most entitled, narcissistic, psychopathic assholes ever--they'll cry that Frozen is racist, they'll cry that eating sushi is cultural appropriation, they'll cry racism and muh soggy knee because Nicki Minaj's Anaconda wasn't nominated for a VMA (clearly that was at work, not the fact that Nicki Minaj fucking sucks), they'll claim that gays are contributing to muh soggy knee 'cause they choose to fuck men over women, they'll say that air conditioning is sexist (I shit you not, this actually happened, google it), they will get you arrested for "manspreading" (I shit you not, some guy in New York actually got arrested for this, google it) they will say that scales are eeeeevil when it clearly shows they're fat, they will say tampons are made to make women rape themselves, they will campaign for gender neutral plain fucking stupid washrooms, they will say that he/she pronouns are a form of oppreshun, yell "black lives matter!" and wear a T-shit that says "white tears" at a political rally for a guy who sided with Martin Luther King against racism, they will literally resort to brainwashing.   

You can call me a bigot, Fagex. You can cater to them. Just remember that this won't be the first or the last time. 'Cause SJWs are never satisfied, they are the personification of the phrase '"give them an inch and they walk a mile all over you." I wonder what they'd complain about next time...maybe they'll demand that clearly the game is full of muh soggy knee 'cause you can't customise your avatar to make them fat (because "herp derp being thin means being oppressed by the eeeeeevil white patriarchy" but that only applies to womyn, they're beautiful at any size but men must be fit) and we all know that not including enough divershitty is a form of muh soggy knee and oppreshun. Then, when you give them fat avatars, they'll cry the game is oppresive to otherkin, 'cause there's no otherkin NPCs...it's a neverending cycle of whining.

Honestly, what do you think you're accomplishing, Jagex? Is this an attempt at going "hey guys, look at how progressive we are! we got a tranny even though 'she' doesn't fit in to the established world at all!" Because you didn't have to resort to that to show us divershitty in-game. Despite what the dipshit mouth-breathing SJW suggested, you did a great job with Zanik. Her crush on the player regardless of your gender makes sense, after everything she's been through in the Dorgeshuun storyline, it's natural for her to like the player that way, but the tranny elf?

"She" reminded me of Tauriel, the ginger ninja elf Sue in the Hobbit movies that was only added to cater to a demographic of mouth-breathers and ended up sticking out like a sore thumb (although to be fair, "she" is still better than Tauriel). Angoff (lulz geddit, I'm goffic)'s entire character just makes me scratch my head. So "she's" one of the elves that stayed on Tarddiad when Seren left for Gielinor, they still feel a need to be near Seren, and the sense her presence in the crystals she left behind, so those elves took the crystals to ease their loneliness, the more crystals they took, the more addicted they got, until they turned into these level 112 crystal shapeshifters which are basically a shadow of their former selves, not unlike crystal meth addicts. Angoff was able to resist the change into a monster but "she" did get ahold of those crystals and changed her gender.

The part about elves needing Seren makes sense (after all, she does have that affect on people, it's an ability she was born with that she can't control, just like how being close to Zaros will make you loyal to him whether or not you were Zarosian before), the part about them resorting to crystals when Seren left made sense too (after all, elves are associated with crystals), but elves that can shapeshift and change their genders? What? That came with no foreshadowing, it was just an ass pull (and I don't like ass pulls, it's just a form of lazy, shitty writing) that only exsists to cater to whiny, PC SJWs. Plus, Zanik's characterisation was subtle, she wasn't all in-your-face about her orientation. Because subtlety is lost when you're blatantly pandering to the cancer of the Internet.

Fuck I hate SJWs getting the special treatment...

All right Fagex. You've given in to the SJWs this time. But will you do it again? ('cause I'm kind of afraid Runescape will be taken over by SJWs especially now with Runelabs, once you go full SJW you never go back, I don't want Runescape to be taken over by SJWs like so many other once great websites, yeah Reddit I'm looking at you).

What's next? A demisexual epileptic one-legged schizophrenic midget? A polysexual, aromantic black knight with no arms on legs who spent his entire life a wheelchair and only seaks in ebonics and goes by the pronoun xze? A genderfluid, non-binary, grey-A furry with a creepy vore fetish? We have to include all sorts of people in-game or else it's oppreshun right?

By the way, read before you comment. Understand what I'm talking about. It's pandering I'm against. And if any SJWs come here and cry oppreshun 'cause the're butthhurt that I haven't drank the Tumblr kool-aid and thus don't buy their bullshit, I will whip out the ban-hammer faster than they can say 'check your privilege.'


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